An intimate, 6 month VIP 1:1 experience to UNLOCK the high level business strategy for MULTIPLE 6 figure years while finding BALANCE and strengthening your SPIRITUAL gifts.

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Your nervous system is calm & regulated because you've healed your overdoing it tendencies and now you receive even more blessings in your business with spaciousness and joy.

It helps that you wake up every day only doing the things LOVE to do - everything else, your team takes care of or is automated while your income and impact continues to TRIPLE.

You have systems, structures, and strategies in place, so you have more time to spend in nature, go on more wild adventures, travel where your soul’s calling you, and just BE.

Your spiritual gifts are so strong, you're facilitating massive breakthroughs & big wins for your clients. They feel more connected to you than ever before and want to be in your world for a long time.

You’re making bigger impact, calling in $15-25k months, and your community is spreading like wildfire because you are owning the next phase of what you came here to do.

OF COURSE multiple 6 figure years are now your new normal.

Picture this…..

  • Scale to the next level of your business with zero burnout, connected to Spirit, and in honor of the version of you that has it all.

  • You’re ready for your business expansion to be even more enjoyable and in alignment. 

  • You’re excited to see what happens when you play with the next phase of your spiritual gifts that have been begging to come out.

  • You’re prepared for MORE; opportunities, community, impact, clients, and sales.

Your biggest, juiciest desirES right now ARE to...

You’re devoted to making this the year you call in A SOUL ALIGNED, MULTIPLE 6 FIGURE YEAR.

I totally get it because that was my biggest wish too and now it’s my reality.

After going from 0-6 figures in 6 months, burning out, then going through a massive second spiritual awakening, my business took on a whole new life as I scaled to MULTIPLE 6 figures.

Now, I own the fact that I am a spiritual business mentor, medicine woman, and psychic medium,

I’ve found harmony between doing and being because my business works for me while spending more time connected to Source, traveling the world, working with plant medicine in the jungles of Brazil, and spreading the message that is New Earth through my spiritual gifts.

Soul aligned multiple 6 figure years have become the standard for my heart-led mission giving me the opportunity to give back, create beyond my wildest dreams, and SERVE.

And now, it’s going to become your new standard too.


The first 6 months I worked with Regina I had my very first big 85k launch. It was incredible and really showed me how my work is about quality and my community.

My coaching business went from $40k to $160k. My nervous system became regulated, I started owning my prices, raising the levels of standards for my team and called in over $500k cash for my tattoo business.

By the last 3 months I wanted to dive deeper into my spiritual gifts and my business became about a quantum restructuring and getting to know myself on a deeper level. I had no idea where I was going to take my spiritual gift development, I just felt the pull, but now I am doing energy healing, teaching chakras, and even incorporating it into my tattoo work with ceremonial tattoos when before, all of this would have felt so edgy.

If you’re thinking about working with Regina, I highly, highly recommend it. The New Earth vortex is so much more than just business and I truly believe that if you are the type of person that is ready and you feel it in your bones, then you have to know it's always going to be scary to make the first move, but it's up to you to MOVE.

Part 2: $85k launch, $500k in cash, & using her gifts to change people’s lives

Working with Regina opened my mind to the fact that I get to make the rules and I get to have fun with it. So much liberation has been given to me. She encouraged me to expand more and that it’s okay to be fully me, in fact she taught me to embody it and embrace it.

In our first three months working together, I hit $40,000 from just 1 launch. After working with her again, I've hit $160,000 in cash in my coaching business for 2022! On top of that, the tattoo shop I own did more than half a million dollars in cash for 2022. I have completely quantum leapt.

If you feel the inklings that Regina is your person, full SEND IT because you never know what this community can offer you and how much you will expand in your external and internal abundance.

From a $40k to a $160,000 year

Reese, Spiritual Tattoo Artist and Business Mentor

Reese, Spiritual Tattoo Artist and Business Mentor

When Regina and I started working together, I had just had my first 10k month but I was so burnt out, tired, and I really needed more support. Throughout our work together, I was able to follow what feels exciting and break a ton of barriers and boundaries. A huge part of this container was stepping into something that felt more aligned and authentic. 

One of the biggest wins I had was a $72,000 launch where I called in the exact people I'm meant to be working with. I also called in $134,000 in sales in six months! I now love my business even more and really don't feel the need to be hustling all the time. 

If you’re thinking about working with Regina, trust your gut, listen to the whisper and be aware of the ego parasite that comes in as fear and doubt.

From burnt out to $134,000 in Sales

Isa, Manifestation mentor and medicine woman

Inside OF this experience you will…..

The VORTEX VIP 1:1 experience is my most intimate experience
 for you to receive direct mentorship on SCALING your business to a soul aligned, multiple 6 figures…

Before working with Regina, I was struggling to balance work/life or masculine/feminine energy. I was dreaming of a life filled with more space to create the offerings I had been dreaming of.

I was holding back from sharing the vulnerable sides of running a business on social media. I was resentful of my team because I felt I was over working. But working with Regina was effortless.

She held space for me to bring whatever was coming up for me at the time and she encouraged my dreams into fruition. 

I have stepped into the energy of the woman I had been dreaming of. I honour what I need and I hold space for the rest.

I am effortlessly calling in 17k per month in sales and am feeling so blissful.

Take the leap. The rest will follow. Bet on yourself and go all in because that action of showing up for yourself like that will change your life. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

From holding back to effortless $17k months

Aisling M, Tattoo Artist and Coach

*So intimate I only offer it once or twice a year


- Uplevel your marketing & sales strategy to become even more magnetic so you can call in more consistent premium soulmate clients and sales.

- Expand your product suite & refine your launch model so you can 3x your income and your impact.

- Ditch the boring way of scaling and call in a more vibrant, tight knit community & expansive brand 

As you…..


- Put automated systems and organized structures in place in the backend and frontend of your business so you can work less and be more

- Regulate your nervous system and heal the patterns that put you in the extremes to come back to a natural state of feminine/masculine balance 

- Explore growing your team and making hiring moves that bring you to true Spiritual CEO status and free up more time & energy to do the things you love.

As you…..


- Uncover the spiritual gifts Spirit wants you to explore even deeper through your own personal readings and psychic sessions. 

- Heal the parts of you that doubt your gifts using different inner child healing modalities, shadow work, & somatic practices so you can use them with 111% confidence.

- Discover how to open & strengthen different parts of your channel so you can create more potent content, masterclasses, and offers.

As you…..

When you sign up for my most exclusive experience here’s what you receive…

- 3x a month private 50 minute 1:1 Calls
- T-F  Private Voxer chat support
- VIP access to our entire library suite (valued at over $10,000)
- Automatic access to all upcoming LIVE experiences and programs 

What’s included:

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INVESTMENT: $20k for 6 months, Payment options available 

This Vortex VIP 1:1 experience is perfect for you if…..

- You already have at least one high ticket offer & multiple launches under your belt

- You are focused on following a scaling model that prioritizes premium sales & sustainability

- You’re devoted to calling in a soul aligned, multiple 6 figures by the end of the year

- You’re already tapped in, but know there’s a deeper layer to your gifts that have been dying to come out

- You’ve invested in your business before, it’s not your first rodeo, and understand the power of a high level investment

- You see scaling as a portal to greater service.

My love,

You’re on the edge of something so big; so big, that once you come out on the other side you’re going to understand why you went through everything you did to be in this exact moment right now.

Your heart is radiating, your soul is guiding you, and I can’t wait to witness just how massively you transform in just 6 months.

We're about to do LIFE together and I honestly cannot wait!

It’s happening!