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 your everyday reality

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Why would you do things on your own, trying to piece together a PARADIGM SHIFTING business...

when you could GO ALL IN on mastering the blueprint that has helped DOZENS of spiritual entrepreneurs create
soul-led, 6 figure businesses?

You've been calling in a space that can meet you in your SPIRITUAL mission,

is filled with other entrepreneurs who SPEAK your language,

and matches the level of BUSINESS SUPPORT you need.


You see, I created UCB 3 years ago because I wanted to offer an experience I WISH I could'VE had when I first started growing my business...

A place that spoke to WHY I started my business in the first place..…

the fact that since I was a little girl, I've known I was put on this planet to assist in something BIG.

And I knew this something BIG began with being of SERVICE and living an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE;

a life that showed the old paradigm, this is what is possible when you take back your power to be an UNSTOPPABLE CREATOR. 

So to me, it made sense to own the fact I am a facilitator & guide and begin a business, but I needed an experience that could teach me EVERYTHING I needed to grow IT both in the spiritual and material realm. 

Back in 2020

The spiritually infused mindset, marketing, and sales foundations you will learn have led me to...

  • Serving 100s of spiritual entrepreneurs across the globe
  • Creating a BRAND that empowers people
  • Traveling the world using my gifts
  • Scaling to $600,000 in soul aligned revenue
  • Owning that I am a medicine woman & psychic 
  • Becoming truly wealthy.

I've spent the last 3 years perfecting this BLUEPRINT I teach you inside of UCB...


And now it's my turn to pass on the wisdom to you so you too can serve, lead, receive, and be FREE.

After all, we're co creating a New Earth.

- Have UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE as an entrepreneur; owning who you are and what you're here to do

- Unlock your CLEAR AND POWERFUL niche

- Have a HIGH TICKET OFFER you've channeled from your soul and will kickstart your path to a soul-led 6 figures

- Lock down a HIGH LEVEL MARKETING PLAN to attract your soulmate clients and serve them to the fullest


- Become a SOUL ALIGNED, SALES BADASS, who can close deals and call in consistent revenue



I can't express enough how transformative my journey with UCB has been. 

Before UCB, I didn't really know exactly how to build out an offering or market myself. I kept living out the same cycle over and over and over again, where I wasn't actually getting any further doing it all by myself. 

Working with Regina was a breath of fresh air. The support and guidance I received was invaluable. Having a clear framework and someone to turn to when I felt overwhelmed with creating offerings or launching made all the difference. It was no longer just me against the world; I was part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who resonated with my journey.

What sets UCB apart is not just the business aspect, but also the transformation it brings to your personal growth. It helped me embrace my role as a conscious entrepreneur and gave me the tools to step into that role confidently. Within just one month, I called in $14,000.

Being part of UCB provided me with the essential foundations I needed for my business, allowing me to explore and expand in ways I never thought possible. 

To anyone considering UCB, I want to emphasize that you have more power than you realize. Feel the fear and do it anyway. This investment is not just in a program; it's a life-changing experience that will shape your future in ways you can't yet imagine. 

From doing it solo to $14,000 in one month

Sol, Spiritual Business Mentor

I can't help but marvel at the incredible growth I've experienced! 

This isn't just another program; it's everything I didn't know I needed. It injected much-needed structure into my life and the way Regina presents information struck a chord with me. The frameworks she provides are like a secret weapon for any business.

The energy in this space is electric, which is exactly what I was searching for. Connecting with like-minded individuals on this shared journey feels like destiny.

I had my highest cash month EVER because of UCB. I am booking tarot readings left and right and more people are interested in my offerings. The momentum is undeniable and I'm propelling forward with unwavering trust in this process.

This group is more than just a community; it's life-changing. The investment is not just worth it; it's worth it a thousand times over. The impact goes beyond words—I'm living it, breathing it, and loving every moment of this transformative journey.

HER highest revenue month EVER, more CLIENT bookings, increased magnetism, and confidence!

Lily Kubly - Money Mentor

Working with Regina has been a game-changer for me. I was tired of feeling lost and not knowing what I was doing. Regina provided the structure I needed and being part of this group was such an enriching experience.

My biggest challenge was finding my niche and figuring out who I was. Regina helped me naturally land on it, where I can grow, expand, and be myself without feeling boxed in.

It feels like everything is aligning perfectly. Now, I'm getting clients, I feel closer to Spirit, there are divine friendships coming into my life and I am stepping into a bigger role on social media. My community grows daily with new followers, meaningful DM conversations, and I am booking sales calls left and right.

Regina's value in the program goes above and beyond expectations. It's so hard to say just how much this has changed everything for me, but being in this space with Regina has been incredibly valuable and unforgettable!

Unlocked HER x factor, feeling aligned, and booking calls

Megan Rose - Sacred Self Expression Mentor

Before Regina, my business lacked direction. I was posting my thoughts on spirituality and relationships, but I didn’t have a clear mission.

Working with Regina has gone beyond my expectations. UCB gave me something I never knew I needed: a community of like-minded women, all navigating this journey together. The support I received during my experience was so powerful and nourished my soul deeply. 

Throughout the program, my focus shifted from monetary goals to true wealth and abundance generated from within. This internal transformation, feeling connected to spirit, and embodying confidence as a coach and leader have truly meant everything to me.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that sometimes you think you need to figure things out in your head before taking action, but it’s the opposite. Taking the action is actually the thing that brings you clarity! If you feel like you’re in your head, that means you’re not in your heart. So if your heart is telling you to go for it, to take the action and do the thing that will lead you toward the most clarity and alignment….just do it. Take the leap! 

Transforming Dreams into Abundance

Karolin - personal coach

I felt lost in growing my business, but Regina's spiritual guidance and supportive community were exactly what I needed. 

Because of working with Regina, my trust in the Universe in getting my needs met has deepened significantly. I'm loving this newfound connection. 

Some of my major wins include embracing the I am an "employee of source" concept, feeling abundant, and regaining trust in myself. I’ve been steadily booking paying clients for in-person therapy sessions for the first time! Additionally, more than four different companies have reached out to me for collaborative events.

This journey highlighted the importance of inner work, courage, and my spiritual hygiene. I celebrate that I have more abundance, improved relationships, and actual progress in my business.

For those who are on the fence, if there's any part of you deep down that knows you're meant to be here, trust that and go with that because it knows, and the parts that are afraid are going to be transmuted during this experience. You’ll just see, trust it.


Wendy - Sound Healer

Regina's guidance helped me see the connection between my inner world and the clients I was attracting. Through powerful inner work and strategic tools, I shifted my energy and started attracting my people.

I have new regression clients interested in my more extended program. My freebie masterclass called in 24 sign-ups!
I have more energy, confidence, and gifts to share. Random readings, monetary gifts, and unexpected opportunities keep flowing in. 

In just 3 months, I've transformed. I'm energized, confident, and open to receiving abundance.

If you’re on the fence, you should definitely join UCB 100,000% because I have transformed so much in a very short amount of time and so can you! 

ENERGY, CONFIDENCE, AND AttractING aligned clients in a matter of weeks!

Sophia Rouze - Reparenting Medium

Before UCB, I felt totally lost e on this path. I knew I was meant to be an entrepreneur and coach, but I didn’t know how to go about building a business.

Inside UCB, I felt seen, heard and supported. The space Regina creates is energizing and empowering. Being part of a community of entrepreneurs on the same path as me was truly priceless. Celebrating accomplishments and learning from each other's struggles filled me with inspiration and momentum on this journey. 

Regina gave me insight into what was holding me back from stepping into my power and helped me clear those blockages. She worked with me to get a crystal clear vision of my signature offer and experience the energetic shifts I needed to bring it to life. I also experienced a powerful voice activation and unlocked my full expression with her intuitive guidance. 

I am fully in my power and embodying the leader I know I was meant to be. I’ve created an offer I’m in love with and know the exact steps to have a successful launch. Regina also helped me build a healthy relationship with my masculine energy and I’m now showing up online with consistency and confidence. I’ve learned how to use social media effectively and grew my business accounts by over 9.3k followers collectively.

If you feel called to join UCB, trust that you’re being guided here for a purpose. Your soul is ready to transform and level up. Regina is straight magic and working with her inside of UCB will completely elevate your life. 

From feeling lost to fully activated & unlocked

Emma, Transformational Coach & Spiritual Guide.

I've always known deep down, my purpose in this lifetime is to serve others to achieve their highest potential, but before I joined UCB I had only a vague idea of how I would be able to channel the information I wanted to teach into a reputable offer. I was floundering alone in a sea of ideas, slinging out ideas I thought would spread my message.

It took me 2 years to finally believe in myself and jump into mentorship with Regina, and my only regret is waiting so long! The other entrepreneurs who I met in this program quickly became my soul tribe and being surrounded by a group of leaders who are all on the same wavelength of life was not only inspiring, but heartwarming.

My favorite thing about working with Regina is how she delivered every lesson - full of pizzaz, incredibly useful and applicable information, and from the heart. You can tell that she has a genuine passion for serving her clients to the fullest extent! 

I now have so much more clarity on not only who I want to serve, but how I am doing it, the energy I put into it, how to balance work/play, and most importantly how to fulfill my purpose. I have confidence in my vision and I feel so prepared. 

Regina truly gives you a blueprint that is applicable to any set of facilitation; teaching you everything from creation, to backend, to soulful sales! 

If you are on the fence about joining, take a moment to envision the life you actually want to live - and know that if you have a passion for serving others - Reg is your answer to living that life.

From slinging out ideas to crystal clarity

Cheyenne: Goal achievement and mindset mentor

Before UCB I was really struggling with self-doubt, the fear of being seen, fear of niching down, needing accountability, and lacking clarity around my offering. Working with Regina was grounding, intentional, sacred, and overall so meaningful.

The biggest change I have experienced is having true faith that my business will succeed and that there is a market for it. 

During my time in UCB, I recognized where my gaps were that were holding me back in my business. I learned how to write killer copy that actually appeals to my target audience, I learned why my messaging and language I use in my business is important and actually matters and I learned how to sell my services in a concrete and structured way.

If truly becoming your highest self in your personal and business life is your goal, then this is the program for you. It's a beautiful, delicate blend of spirituality intertwined with business. It's normal to be unsure; I was so unsure that I truly almost didn't participate. However, growth is always uncomfortable - and being unsure is the biggest sign that you need to say yes and push yourself. If not now, when? There is no perfect time - take the leap!

From holding back to closing all the gaps!

Megan G, Intuitive Mindset Coach

Before UCB, I struggled with finding clarity when it came to putting together my signature offer and experienced general confusion about the steps to take to make my ideas a reality. 

I really wanted to use my gifts in an impactful way and UCB really showed me the ways to make that happen. Regina helped me get out of my head and into my body, and gave me the tools I was looking for to begin to build my offer and eventual 6 figure business.

UCB also has an incredible communal aspect, so I finally found a group of like minded entrepreneurs who want to make their dreams a reality. It was a really magical container to be in!

UCB is truly a vortex and the changes that I’ve noticed in my day-to-day life have drastically improved my life and the way I conduct my business. 

If you are looking to shift your life and start building the business of your dreams, take the leap into UCB!! You will NEVER regret working with Regina, her medicine that she brings is truly priceless.

From lack of clarity to embodied & thriving!

Alex, Akashic Alignment Coach

As an inner work coach wanting to build my business with integrity and a spiritual foundation, UCB was everything I needed and more. 

Before joining, I was so unsure of myself and questioned everything I did. I was definitely standing in my own way. But everything shifted once I joined UCB.

The power and energy of this container was truly something else. Working with Regina helped me and my business in huge physical and spiritual ways.

I gained so much clarity and inspiration for what I actually want to provide my clients and I also healed so many old wounds that were not serving me anymore.

I feel like a completely new, stronger woman completely empowered and embodied as the coach I want to be. I would recommend UCB to anyone who is dedicated to their healing journey and wants clear direction for their spiritual business.

From standing in her own way to clear, inspired & empowered

Cristina P, Inner work and Spiritual Coach

Before UCB, I had just decided that I was going to get into coaching, but I struggled to know where to start and how to find the structure to build up my own business. 

Working with Regina in UCB was a dream. 

It’s a perfect mix of the feminine with energy work, mindset work and inner work and the masculine with the structure in how you’re going to build up your offer. And thanks to UCB I now know how to build a business with integrity.
Being in a community with other entrepreneurs who hold the same vision was magical. 

I now feel more solid and confident in myself. I found my niche and created my dream offer. I know how to grow and I would not have been able to do this without the help from UCB & Regina.

I recommend UCB to anyone who is looking to learn how to grow and build their business. And know that UCB is so much more than just a program, you are becoming a part of a whole new earth community.

From struggling to Solid & confident

Malin, Holistic Life Coach

IN 10 WEEKS...


Lastly, you will develop your skills to soulfully (and successfully!) sell your offer to your dream client.

You'll understand how to create lasting connections that allow you to spread impact in this world, while also getting paid!

You will fully own the power of intuition and deep compassion to help you succeed as a New Earth entrepreneur


First, you will tap into your higher SELF and your WHY.

You'll connect to your soul and your spirit guides to understand yourself deeper so you can use this as the foundation for where you're going.


Next, you will unlock the unconscious beliefs and fears that have been holding you back from being fully embodied.

 You'll gain unshakeable confidence as you learn and practice ways to reprogram your BEING and become extraordinary.



In this step you will develop the powerful skill of using social media to launch and sell your signature offer authentically.

You'll discover easy ways to entertain and add value to others' lives while unlocking all the tools, tips, and tricks to create a brand that people will not only recognize and love, but that will consistently call in high paying clients.

What I'll be teaching you here is how I managed to hit my first 6-figures back in 2020 without a website!

Here you will learn how to nail down a profitable niche of people you're here to serve.

You'll also create a high ticket signature offer for your dream client that you can scale to 6 figures.

You'll learn how to package this offer into something tangible to sell.

Lastly, you'll learn how to have balance within your masculine and feminine energy.


-VIP access to the online UCB community where you can network, dive into trainings, and receive support in between calls

-Weekly 90 minute live training calls and 60 minute Q&A calls with Regina - your chance to ask all your questions and receive live mentorship

- Your new best friends of lightworkers, healers, coaches, and guides in the best community on the internet!

Here’s what’s included

Once you fill out the form, you will be directed to book a call to see if it's a good fit! 

Here's the next step...

payment plan + financing options available

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You're ready to take the leap and
it is an honor to be your guide.

have any questions? dm me "ucb" on instagram so we can chat more about this!

Have any questions? dm me "ucb" on instagram so we can chat more about this! 

- You're at the PRE 6 figure level in your business, but you KNOW your MULTI 6 figure business is inevitable

- You're already putting yourself out there, making content, doing inner work and serving people

- You're
courageous and WILLING to bet on yourself and your future 

-You're not just doing this for the
money; this is about so much more to you

-You know you are meant to live an


More client love in this New Earth Vortex

The first 6 months I worked with Regina I had my very first big 85k launch. It was incredible and really showed me how my work is about quality and my community. My coaching business went from $40k to $160k. My nervous system became regulated, I started owning my prices, raising the levels of standards for my team and called in over $500k cash for my tattoo business.

By the last 3 months I wanted to dive deeper into my spiritual gifts and my business became about a quantum restructuring and getting to know myself on a deeper level. I had no idea where I was going to take my spiritual gift development, I just felt the pull, but now I am doing energy healing, teaching chakras, and even incorporating it into my tattoo work with ceremonial tattoos when before all of this would have felt so edgy.

If you’re thinking about working with Regina, I highly, highly recommend it. The New Earth vortex is so much more than just business and I truly believe that if you are the type of person that is ready and you feel it in your bones, then you have to know it's always going to be scary to make the first move, but it's up to you to MOVE.

$85k launch, $500k in cash, & using her gifts to change people’s lives

Reese, Spiritual Entrepreneur and Tattoo Artist

When Regina and I started working together, I had just had my first 10k month but I was so burnt out, tired, and I really needed more support. Throughout our work together, I was able to follow what feels exciting and break a ton of barriers and boundaries. A huge part of this container was stepping into something that felt more aligned and authentic.

One of the biggest wins I had was a $72,000 launch where I called in the exact people I'm meant to be working with. I also called in $134,000 in sales in six months! I now love my business even more and really don't feel the need to be hustling all the time.

If you’re thinking about working with Regina, trust your gut, listen to the whisper and be aware of the ego parasite that comes in as fear and doubt.

From burnt out to a $134,000 in sales

Isa, Physicist and Psychonaut

Before working with Regina, I was struggling to balance work/life or masculine/feminine energy. I was dreaming of a life filled with more space to create the offerings I had been dreaming of.

I was holding back from sharing the vulnerable sides of running a business on social media. I was resentful of my team because I felt I was over working. But working with Regina was effortless.

She held space for me to bring whatever was coming up for me at the time and she encouraged my dreams into fruition. 

I have stepped into the energy of the woman I had been dreaming of. I honor what I need and I hold space for rest.

I am effortlessly calling in 17k per month in sales. 
I held Ireland’s first ever sacred tattoo event. 
I am in the middle of creating a human perspective tattoo training programme. 
I am filling my cup with family time and dates with my husband and time outdoors with my fur babies. 

Feeling so blissful. I would say take the leap. The rest will follow. Bet on yourself and go all in because that action of showing up for yourself like that will change your life. You can live in that space of holding back for your whole life. But why not see what it feels like to just jump!

From holding back to effortless $17k months

Aisling M, Tattoo Artist and Coach

Before working with Regina, I felt like I really lost my voice, my power, my Self. I hadn’t signed a client for 2 months, but my heart felt pulled to this space. It was scary, but I knew it would be a disservice if I didn’t leap. 

Becoming allowed me to heal my sisterhood wounds, step deeper into my leadership skills and authenticity, and to become magnetic. I found my voice again. 

I got to see Regina facilitate her magic, her wisdom; the strategy and the energetics, all in an incredible container of vulnerable, powerful entrepreneurs who are on this path to creating a New Earth.

Before our calls even began, the VIP library alone helped me call in clients in the first 3 weeks. I also launched 2 programs that lit up my soul and were a huge success, raised my prices, called in 5 new high ticket VIP clients, but more importantly I became no one else but me.

If you’re drawn into this world, it’s for a reason. You may think that you're leaping off the edge, but you're not here to fall; you're here to be caught, you’re here to be held. 


Jesse Bax, Divine Feminine Healer

Pre working with Regina, I was really looking for mentorship, support and community.
I knew I didn't want to do this entrepreneurship journey alone and since working with Regina, it's crazy how much has changed and how much has shifted inside of me. 

This space has helped me heal my sisterhood wounds. It feels so good to be supported and seen and to be vulnerable in front of these other entrepreneurs. It also accelerated the inner work that I needed to do and helped me realize that these ups and downs in business are normal. I loved receiving both energetic and strategic support throughout the experience.

I’m walking away with so many wins. I'm truly scaling. I'm more vulnerable. I'm celebrating myself more and allowing others to celebrate me. I’ve raised my prices and am calling in soulmate clients into my world. I was featured in Vice magazine for being a dark feminine Queen on Tik Tok. I was super burnt out and now I’m not and I’ve officially hit a $10k month!  

If you’re on the fence about joining Becoming and feeling that resistance, it really is your chance to lean in and to take the risk because on the other side is your biggest expansion. You just have to trust that what you'll be learning will 10x itself. I know it's scary, but trust your heart, trust your gut and go for it!


Ari Selene, Psychic Development Coach & Dark Feminine Leader

Before this New Earth vortex, I was in a transition phase of my business. The messaging I was putting out and the clients I was bringing in, started to have a disconnect because people were looking for a quick fix. I questioned everything. I had so much self doubt coming up, so many limiting beliefs that had never been here before.

When I was inside of Becoming, I went through so many pivots and changes but I've landed on who I am now, which is part of why it is so amazing. Whenever anything arises, Regina comes at it from the strategy and the energetic side, which I love because you can't just rely on strategy alone/ Becoming helped me address common challenges that entrepreneurs face, from marketing and figuring out your brand voice and your messaging, to making sure you're promoting your offers in a very magnetic way.  

Now, I feel like I’ve landed on my identity as a coach. I've nailed down who I want to work with, the movement that I'm creating with my audience, my messaging and I feel very refreshed. I know exactly where I need to go. I feel way more confident, more grounded.

I healed and processed so many limiting beliefs and inner child wounds and even ancestral programming that I didn't even know were brewing inside of me. Now, I am the leader that I've desired to be my entire life.

If you’re on the fence about joining Becoming, I have tried just being in low ticket programs, but there's truly no comparison between a high level, hands on investment and a lower ticket investment.

Becoming will truly activate you. The transformation that I went through in working with Regina has changed my life forever and you will never find a community as good as the Becoming community or just the New Earth vortex community in general.

Trust your intuition. Take the leap of faith and say yes to your dream life.

From stagnant to healed, happy, & thriving!

Hannah Plourde, Intuitive Business Mentor

This is the most exciting, yet challenging part of your entrepreneurial journey and you’re about to go full steam ahead in what I believe is the best community on the internet. 

You already know everything you desire for your life and business is inevitable, and the fact you’re feeling the feels, but taking action anyway, shows you’re not messing around about being a leader in this New paradigm. 

Everything and ANYTHING is possible, and you’re about to just see how true that is…

See you on the other side!

This is huge. The fact you’ve even gotten to this point in your journey is something worth celebrating.

And now you’re a breath away from entering a space that reflects what you already know is inevitable.

A space that’s dynamic, alive, and matches the frequency of your VISION.

Of course you’re feeling something in your body, I’d be more shocked if you weren’t, but you’ve done this before, and you know that taking the leap in the direction of your soul never gets easier; it’s that you become braver. 

You already know what’s on the other side of your full faith, trust, and surrender.

It’s an honor to hold you in this space.

Because it is in this magical space that determines whether you will stay the same, or if you will choose to BECOME who you already know you are.


My Love,

What if I don't know my niche yet?

That's totally okay! The whole point of UCB is to help you unlock your niche and create a high ticket offer to serve your soulmate client

What if I haven't really started posting on social media yet or working with clients?

If you're at the VERY beginning of your business this is the perfect place to start, just as long as you're devoted to putting in the work!

When will the live calls be?

The entire schedule will take into consideration the time zones of participants, but you will have each months' schedule BEFORE the month begins.

Will the live calls be recorded?

Yes and will be uploaded within 24 hours. If you can't make a call live, it's okay because you'll still be able to interact in our live group chat!