A self-led course for coaches & spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to explode their audience, call in even more soulmate clients, and step into their next level business through the magic of TikTok.✨

I’m not just showing you how to create Tik Toks that go viral...

I’m showing you how to create short-form videos that capture, connect & convert your soulmate clients so you can quantum leap into your next level of leadership, wealth & impact. 

Fun fact: Tik Tok is one of the main vehicles that helped me skyrocket my business from 0 to almost half a million in 2 years (it all started with my first viral video in 2020!).

And excitedly enough, it is in 2022 that I have officially surpassed the 100,000 follower mark!

Insane, right!? 🤯

This is unlike any other content creation program in the industry, in fact, I don’t see any other coach offering anything like this…..

💫 How to message & market your movement

💫 The strategy, energetics, & purpose of content creation. 

💫 How to create magnetic content that actually converts

💫 Editing basics to help you stand out.

💫 My spirit-driven formula for virality & visibility

And More

Inside The Tik Tok Mastery, you'll learn...


My intuition called me to start a Tik Tok account but I had no idea where to begin or how to avoid all of the scammy advice out there. I knew I needed a spiritual, heart-centered approach. So when I found The Tik Tok Mastery, my soul knew I had to say yes. It was everything I needed to bring the pieces together. 

I started with 12 followers, no content ideas, and zero formulas. My first few videos were just for fun but when it came time to implement the strategies inside the course, everything changed. My first video went viral, my account skyrocketed to 40,000 followers, & I gained over 137k likes on the platform. But that’s not even the best part. The best part is that I’m fully alive in my mission & my work is being seen by the people who need it most. This never would have happened without Regina’s wisdom inside The Tik Tok Mastery. I'm so grateful! 

12 followers to 40,000+...

- Krista, Holistic Health Practitioner, @NewEarthHealth on TT

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When I started the course I had 50 followers and was pretty new to Tik Tok. I joined wanting to learn the masculine and feminine energetics of Tik Tok, and I got that and so much more out of the course. I've been out of the course for a month and I've already grown my account by 5000+ followers and I've gone viral three times. I would highly suggest the course if you're someone who really wants to learn what to do, how to post and the organizational side of Tik Tok, but also the energetic side of knowing people need to see what you have to offer, and knowing you are worthy.

Went viral 3 times...

- Rose, Reiki Energy Healer, @HealedByTheRose on TT 

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This container was so transformative for implementing Tik Tok into my business. Before I started working with Regina, I was helpless on how to use Tik Tok in a way that felt nourishing for my soul while still in alignment with my business. Regina taught us how to use Tik Tok to help our business grow and gain authority in what we're doing. If you're looking to use Tik Tok in a way that is in alignment with your business, helping you gain an audience, get more clients and share your message, Tik Tok Mastery is the perfect fit for you and I highly encourage you to invest in it. The reason why I'm so active on Tik Tok now, have so much fun creating content for my audience, and why I'm growing on there is due to Regina's Tik Tok Mastery.

Using Tik Tok in a way that is in alignment with her business...

- Isabelle, Spiritual Mentor and Teacher, @IsabelleGloria on TT 

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-Module 1: Your Brand Mission & Message

-Module 2: Videos Styles, Trends, & Branding Your Content
-Module 3: Storytelling, Viral Secrets, & Feminine Energetics 

-Module 4: Selling on TikTok, Growing Your Community, & Nailing Your Launches

-Program materials to help you organize & amplify your content

-& Lifetime access to the entire course

Here's what's included...

Each lesson unlocks ALL of the wisdom that have helped me continuously go viral before launches, create channeled content, & soulfully sell through short-form video. 


As Tik Tok grows in popularity, it’s a NO BRAINER to take the leap & learn to play the game from your soul. 

You're not just investing in a course, you're investing in learning the formula that will create exponential growth in your business for months and years to come. 


✨You’re ready to share your message with the world. 

✨You’re ready to be seen for your medicine. 

✨And you’re ready to quantum leap your abundance.

It’s time, my love. 


Time to master Tik Tok to take your business to the next level. 

Ready to tap into this gold mine?

The Tik Tok Mastery is officially open as a self-led course for coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to increase their audience & skyrocket their sales!

The official investment is a no brainer $650.

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Here's to New Earth!