A deep dive marketing immersion to energetically and strategically ELEVATE your content to consistently call in soulmate clients, sell out launches, create more sales & continue building your soul aligned empire

What you have to offer is GOLD;

 now it’s time to have the marketing to match 



Waking up every single day to another payment coming through your email and another soulmate popped in your DMs asking “How can I work with you? 

High quality, ALL IN clients who you’re obsessed with, become the norm for you, filling your roster with success story after success story, and lighting you up knowing you’re making major impact.

When you launch, you're completely stress-free and full of excitement because you know exactly how to talk about your offers and attract who needs it.

You're buzzing with creativity, your clients & audience love you, your bank account matches the abundance you put out to the world, and your business feels so good, it makes you cry tears of gratitude.

All of this while being even more YOURSELF, not having to work “harder” and with ZERO paid ads.

Get into your soul with me for a second and imagine…..

You're a starseed, lightworker, or healer who is wildly passionate about your mission, which is why you know it’s your job to market and sell.

You know the basics of marketing, you’re not a beginner, but given there are so many routes to take, you don't know which one's best for you to increase your clients and revenue.

You want to lead with your unique energy & creativity 

AND feel grounded with clear structure and strategy. 

You know that the more you attract ideal clients, sell out your launches & call in abundant sales effortlessly, the bigger impact you're creating.

Which is why you're devoted to learning whatever it takes to continue expanding your soul aligned business. 

Here’s what’s going on…..

Get into your soul with me for a second and imagine…..

Having built an over half a million dollar business from my soul, I know that mastering your marketing energetically and strategically is one of the key essentials to exploding through the glass ceiling of your business.

This is why I created SILVER to GOLD

This is why I created SILVER to GOLD


Silver to Gold literally felt like a prayer being answered. I feel so much more clear about my marketing & messaging now and it's taken so much stress off of my business. 

Before, I felt like I truly had no structure to my marketing and it was killing me. I had no idea what a good marketing strategy even was. I’d look at other coaches & healers and wonder how they would come up with content and make sales from doing so. I felt so lost in how I could consistently call in sales with my content

Inside of Silver to Gold, the knowledge and wisdom Regina shares is EPIC. I really felt like being it was a spiritual bootcamp for marketing. I started to see all of my blind spots. 

In just a few weeks, I called in a new client into my VIP 1:1 before I even launched (at my highest price point ever!) and I’ve had potential clients in my field commenting on how much they love my wisdom and how I've been showing up. 

You just gotta do Silver to Gold!! Your marketing is so much more important than you may think and the way Regina breaks it down is sooooo good. You're going to thank yourself for joining! The value is THERE.

Crystal Clarity & called in a VIP 1:1 Client at her highest price point ever

Sol, Female Empowerment Coach

Pre Silver to Gold, I had no idea how to share my message in a way that generated consistent clients and also in a way that felt soulful and aligned. Honestly, I was so lost and was thinking how the heck will I even do this business thing.

Silver to Gold provides an opportunity for you to go deep into the ways of marketing and Regina makes all of the information and wisdom so easy to digest and understand. I really feel like I have actionable steps and grounded information on how to truly grow within my business; it feels so good!

In just a few weeks, I created my first ever online course which is structured in a way that gives me so much confidence in selling it. I changed my Instagram name to something that feels soooo juicy and aligned, I created a podcast, hired an editor, and a branding expert. I went live for the first time in a super raw and unedited way to share this shift with everyone. I am making big moves for the empire I now know I’m building eeek!

Do Silver to Gold!!!! You will receive so much magical guidance, structure, and balance within the masculine and feminine aspect of your business and trust me you will not regret it. Regina is a soulmate leader and guide and if you are drawn, it is for a reason; follow the call and jump!

A new sense of shining confidence & making BIG moves for her Empire

Michaela, Womb Care and Feminine wellness 

Before Silver to Gold, I did not have a solid strategy on how to market my program, my content was not about my offer, and I was super disorganized on how I would make this offer happen. I was delivering my services to clients that were not aligned towards my true soul purpose. 

Inside Silver to Gold, I felt the magic working immediately! Silver to Gold opened my eyes and my heart to why I love what I do. It’s a ton of information, but it doesn’t feel like work at all. It encouraged me to keep going without having to burn myself out. 

Inside of the experience, I called in 3 new soulmate clients, I’ve been investing more in myself than ever before, and I’ve learned to have way more fun with marketing. My content truly is getting better and better every time I post.

You better not sleep on this one. You are literally going from “Silver to Gold”

3 new soulmate clients while having way more fun!

Geremia, Fitness Coach 

I am at the very beginning of my business and before Silver to Gold I needed help with my marketing strategy and getting eyes onto my products. I didn't know exactly how to reach my target audience and how to call them in efficiently.  

I loved being in Silver to Gold! I was able to learn how to balance my masculine and feminine in the business world. It helped me incorporate the spiritual side of business into what I was creating. I also felt so nurtured and grew so much in my business in such little time with a new understanding of how to move forward.

In a short time I called in 32 more targeted soulmate leads into my world. I am also more confident in presenting what I have to offer and how to speak to my audience. 

If you’re on the fence, do it! You won't regret it! It will definitely help you get into alignment with yourself and your business.

Regina truly is a gift to us entrepreneurs! 

Big Expansion in a matter of weeks & 32 new soulmate leads

Veronica, Personal Coach

Before Silver to Gold, I was feeling so confused about my inability to consistently call in the right soulmate clients, generate consistent leads, and make the sales I need to make. I was feeling like I was trying so many random things without a solid strategy to help me move the needle in my business.

I always love Regina’s experiences! They feel very personable and intimate because Regina deeply cares about helping everyone receive exactly what they need to reach their goals. I love how held I feel in the space & how much juicy info comes through that is both inspiring and implementable.

I've created a more magnetic launch plan for my offer and I'm feeling SO much more clear about how to speak directly to my soulmate client. I know where my gaps are and what I need to do to fill them. I've even had 4 new leads come in the last few weeks after a long period of crickets. 

Just do Silver to Gold!! It is so worth it to be inside this space and feel held while receiving the exact tools and strategy you need to elevate your coaching business.

From Crickets to Clear, Magnetic, & 4 new leads in a matter of weeks

Marcela, Hypnotherapist & Mindset coach


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- Upgrading your content to be more aligned, juicy, and captivating using your psychic channel, storytelling, and your expression

- How to optimize your marketing and sales funnel to generate consistent leads

- The spiritually infused strategy behind creating organic content that makes your soulmates say “You’re speaking to my soul” AND “How can I work with you?”

- The formula to marketing & selling whatever magic you have to offer with crystal clarity and incredible results 

- Tweaks to implement in your messaging so you consistently call in high quality, committed clients who are more than ready to invest 4 & 5 figures plus to be in your world and get brag worthy results

Here’s what we will cover inside of SILVER TO GOLD…..

- Exactly what kind of content to create in a launch to effortlessly nurture your audience, build authority, convert leads to paying clients, and sell it out (it’s not what you think)

- Buyer psychology and how to ethically get your soulmate clients to finally take the leap

- The blueprint for writing powerful sales copy & pages (that you’ll use again and again)

- What it takes to move your content beyond “just a business” and into BRAND territory 

- & so much more

Here’s what we will cover inside of SILVER TO GOLD…..


In this module, you will strengthen your psychic CHANNEL and discover how you can use your gifts to create unique and magnetic content. You’ll unlock the next era of your creative EXPRESSION, refine your storytelling skills, and become even more unapologetically YOU. 

Together, we will be making tweaks to your MESSAGING to ensure it’s calling in the exact high level, ALL in clients you desire. You will discover the difference between your BRAND and your OFFER message to expand your community and increase your sales. You’ll master the formula to market ANY offer you have and learn the template for writing irresistibly alluring sales pages

You will OPTIMIZE your marketing and sales funnels to generate consistent leads. You will uncover which marketing channels serve for what purpose and how to best utilize them. You will make adjustments to your social media channels and UPLEVEL your branding to start attracting even more soulmate clients.

You will know exactly what types of content to create to nurture and CONVERT your audience to high paying clients. You will learn buyer psychology to minimize client objections. You will map out your entire LAUNCH marketing strategy so you can sell it out with confidence and ease. 

Here'S what’s included:


- 5 training calls 
- Lifetime access to the Silver to Gold library
- Being a part of this epic community and network of Spiritual entrepreneurs
- Customizable materials, tools, and worksheets



- You already have at least one offer and are excited to learn the marketing concepts that helped me build an over half a million dollar, soul aligned business.  

- You’re keen on learning marketing from a balanced feminine, masculine perspective that will allow you to be CREATIVE, but also have structure and STRATEGY.

- You’re devoted and willing to do whatever it takes to take your business to the next level.

Silver to Gold is perfect for you if…..

My love,

One of the major keys that led me to building an over half a million dollar, spiritual business in 3 years was getting really good at marketing and selling my magic.

Not only have I had multiple successful launches, but I consistently call in soulmate clients who are ready to dive in, get incredible results, and thrive.

Now with SILVER to GOLD I want to teach you everything I know about marketing from an energetic and strategic perspective so you can be yourself, have fun, serve AND have a steady flow of clients and sales rolling in the door.

I know what you have to offer this world is absolute GOLD and I want you to have the tools to make sure the world knows this too. 

Plus, what you’ll learn and implement inside of SILVER TO GOLD is just what you need to get you on track to a soul aligned, multiple 6 figure business.

XX Reg



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