A self-guided course to 10x your business with Spirit, strategy, and community.

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A self-guided course to 10x your business with Spirit, strategy, and community.

It was TRANSFORMATIONAL and seriously everything I needed! it was so divinely aligned and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of it! I literally feel like a changed and evolved human in every way! I gained a community and new connections, upleveled my confidence and clarity, gained new momentum and inspiration, gained new perspectives and ideas, literally so much has changed and shifted for me in the past 2 weeks in the BEST way. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !

 -Dani N, Mindset, Empowerment, & Transformation Mentor

This offer was better than some programs I've spent thousands on! I feel so much more confident in what's next and the old limits that used to stop or delay me are now irrelevant. I also feel like I'm able to take the steps in my business and release the outcome more. I've been flowing and growing these last two weeks in full belief that nothing has to happen next, but something will come from my action. I just feel really proud of myself and lucky to be doing the work I'm about to do and AM doing, thank YOU!  

- Lauren C, Coach for Creatives

Understanding the formula to being clear on my messaging and marketing was WOWZA, I feel like this is going to shift things in a BIG WAY for me and I feel my sales are going to pop now!

 - Alexis F, Somatic Expression & Embodiment Coach

I received more clarity on what my new business direction is AND randomly manifested my dream new flat that I found, viewed and moved into within the time of 2 weeks to 10x!

 - Lucie H

I had a huge shift around the energy I bring into my offers. I have trouble showing excitement and that helped me shed that fear. I feel re-energized about my work!!

- Lily K, Transformational Guide

During this container, I have actually moved through mental blocks, self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs. Making small strides and baby steps are STILL steps forward and I'm proud of myself for that. 

- Emily S, Intuitive Energy Healer & Spiritual Guide

My biggest takeaway was finding my voice and trusting the process! I think the full outcomes will play out in the time to come - but the seeds have been planted in big ways because of this program. 

- Regina G, Integrative Wellness Coach 

I gained so much clarity for my marketing and how to make amazing content! Feeling way more empowered and ready to take action

 - Emma E, Transformational Coach

What spiritual entrepreneurs are saying about 2 weeks to 10x...

We’re going ALL in…Nothing is being left off the table.

Step into this New Earth vortex, feel what it’s like to grow and scale your business in this world, and collapse time around your next business evolution.

- Spirituality & business in a new paradigm
- The energetics to focus on to scale
- The power of healing & inner work
- Money & wealth dynamics
- Creating magnetic offers
- Embodying expression
- Storytelling that converts
- 6 figure messaging 
- Feminine led marketing 
- Soulful selling
- Authenticity and the changing marketplace
- Community building
- Building a brand
- Making a global impact
- & more

We will be going over everything you need to 10x your business, diving into topics like...

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Here’s what you get when you sign up for 2 weeks to 10X…

- 14 jam packed mini trainings that will give you orgasmic AHA’s & have you taking messy, inspired action

- Access to the magic of New Earth healers, leaders, and entrepreneurs 

- 2 recorded mastermind calls

- Special bonuses

                        & so much more

This container is literally everything you'll need and more no matter where you're at in your business! There's so much GOLD and MAGIC that was cultivated in that container! It's literally a NO BRAINER and I will hype it up to anyone who's on the fence! -Dani N, Mindset, Empowerment, & Transformation Mentor

JUST TRY IT ON. The best investment you can make is one where you invest in yourself and this container will bring you closer to knowing and loving your journey. Just TRY IT because worse case scenario, only 2 weeks have gone by and at least you'll know what kind of space isn't for you. -Lauren C, Coach for Creatives

It’s a great price for the amount of value and information that is provided. It goes pretty much over every aspect and is enough to get you started for your first launch. -Sadie A, Musician & Music Mentor

I would say it’s a no brainer to join because the Regina delivers incredible value and 2 weeks of group mentorship creates huge momentum to level up -Emma E, Transformational Coach

DO IT, it’s a no brainer, I feel safely held in this expansive world by Regina’s calm loving voice and energy. ❤️-Alexis F, Somatic Expression & Embodiment Coach

Being in this energy alone helps to shift your mindset and perspective -Sol, Spiritual Life Coach & Soul Purpose Coach

Just fkn DO IT. you deserve it and owe it to your future self. -Emily S, Intuitive Energy Healer & Spiritual Guide

DO IT! Especially if you’re feeling stuck/stagnant -Lily K, Transformational Guide

Best investment to get your toes wet -Seraphima, Sensual Embodiment Mentor

What past clients want you to know about taking the leap…

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You’re about to show the world exactly what kind of magic can happen in 2 weeks when you're supported with Spirit, strategy and community.